They got a call from a woman named Mary, who saw a dog in South L.A living in a pile of trash. She said she didn’t want to get too close, but said she was able to see the dog was in pretty bad shape.
When the got to the site, they saw no sign of a dog anywhere. When the finally found where the dog was laying they noticed immediately that the dog was blind in both eyes. When they pet her, she urinated out of fear. They wrapped her into a blanket and decided to call her Fionna. When they arrived back at home, they decided to clean her up. They had to shave her entire body and thats when they noticed how bad her flea infestation was. A few weeks later they took her into the vet, and the doctor confirmed that Fionna was 100% blind. He said he may be able to restore sight to one of her eyes.

Fionna now lives in her forever home with her owners Michele & Chris.




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