This is a terrifying situation when a strange man attempts to snatch a 3-month-old newborn out of his mothers arms in the middle of the day. The man pushed Irene Cajal to the ground from the back and fought violently in the central Buenos Aires neighborhood of Paternal. This shocking video clip features the struggle between this horrible man and the baby’s mother, whose screams caused him to eventually flee empty-handed.

Ms Cajal’s baby (named Bianca) was lucky to escape the attack unharmed with only a lump on her head. The man who attacked, who is still on the loose, was believed to have followed her when she got off the buss. Speaking about her terrifying experience on Saturday, Ms Cajal said: ‘The first thing that came to my head was to start shouting.

‘I was screaming, “My baby, no, my baby, no” but he kept on pulling harder.

‘A neighbour heard my screams and that’s why he ran away.

‘I think he picked me at random but I really don’t know what was going through his head. It was broad daylight and sunny and a beautiful day to go walking.

Law enforcement are still trying to find the attacker, he was wearing a wool hat with tracksuit bottoms and carrying a black rubbish bag over his shoulder.
He struck at about noon on June 6.
Although his motive is not clear, although it is thought he may have tried to snatch the baby after discovering his victim wasn’t carrying cash or a phone.