Ecuador transportation officers were called out to an unusual mission last week: to save the life of the cutest, most innocent looking baby sloth I’ve ever seen.  The little animal tried to cross a busy highway, but instead got stuck in the middle of it.

According to this Facebook post on Jan. 22 , the lost sloth was discovered desperately clinging to a guard rail in the city of Quevedo.

The sloth somehow made it halfway across the street, when it apparently got tired and stopped to rest.

A person from the commission reported to Buzzfeed that the sloth was “struggling to cross” the road”.

The Transportation officers reported that they rescued the sloth, and brought it to the veterinarian. As soon as the animal was check out and confirmed to be healthy, they released it back into the wild.

“The cute fellow was OK and taken back to its habitat,” the spokesperson told Buzzfeed.