Mom’s ultrasound photo is going viral because of an ‘angel’ figure


Kelly Lewis never notices this odd looking figure in her ultrasound pictures until a friend noticed it years after. According to “Today,” Kelly’s daughter, named “Harper”, is not three but her ultrasound image is getting worldwide attention.

When the mother was showing off the photo to a friend, he noticed something extremely unsettling, what seemed to looks like the torso of an angel blowing a kiss over the baby’s fetus.

“It was when I showed my friend later that day — he pointed it out to me,” Lewis said. “From then on, everyone has been fascinated with it.”

“Harper is a very well-behaved little girl,” Lewis said in the “Today” account. “She has a warm-hearted, caring, and helpful personality — always polite and kind, and very sweet and innocent. She also has the sweetest smile — it’s very angelic. I am truly blessed to have her.”

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