Ducks and fish usually live in the same places, but you wouldn’t picture them to make very good friends with one another. While fish live under the water and ducks living above they both usually live in lakes or bodies of water. However, this video shows that the 2 can make some pretty adorable friends.

This cute little duckling is on top a tiny platform in the water with a bowl of some food. The fish are unable to reach the food where the duck is clearly able to. You would think the little guy would sit up there and enjoy his bowl of food all to himself. But maybe he has been in a situation before where he was hungry in need some food or maybe he was just looking to get some good karma.

Either way this little guy decides he’s going to help feed his fish friends by getting the food and dropping it down to the fish. What a kind little duckling. I wonder what is going through his mind to make him do this. Do you think they are good friends? Have you ever seen anything like this before?

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(source: Kocaman ─░smail)