Thought Golf was a hard sport? Try adding a 16 foot alligator into the mix.

He was noticed strolling across the fairway at Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Florida when this prehistoric dinosaur was was spotted by a group of unsuspecting golfers. Charles Helms, 56, was on the third hole when he saw the beast and said there was stunned silence between the golfers on the scene. Helms pulled out his phone and began to record. When asked why, Helms said, “A better question might be how can you not record it?”

“It is very common to see alligators on a Florida golf course and they’re typically not a threat to golfers,” Helms said. “Wild alligators are shy and will not bother you unless you provoke it or corner it so it feels threatened.”

The other genius seen in the video filming the gator is David Matos from Parrish, Florida.

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